Blues Rocker Albert Cummings Press Release

Blues Rocker Albert Cummings

Releases CD/DVD/Blu-ray

“Live at the ‘62 Center”

Dubbed “A Great Guitarist” By The Legendary B.B. King, and Having Played with the Likes of King and Other Blues Legends From Buddy Guy to Johnny Winter – Singer/Songwriter and Blues Guitarist’s Full Concert Experience Set to Be Released Via Ivy Music

Following the release of 2015’s “Someone Like You”, Blues Rock and Americana Guitarist/Singer/Songwriter Albert Cummings is back with a brand new Live CD/DVD/Blu-ray collection out now! Recorded at a recent performance in his hometown of Williamstown, MA the aptly titled “Albert Cummings Live at the ’62 Center” features the widely respected bluesman and his band performing their hits past and present.

WATCH: Preview of Albert Cummings’ “Live at the ’62 Center”

Albert Cummings has always loved being spontaneous when it comes to his music, and this creative spirit certainly came to the forefront during the recording of his most recent Live Album/DVD/Blu-ray collection. Putting together a newly formed version of his usual trio that afternoon of the October, 2016 recording- Cummings added keyboards and background singers for what would be their very first performance together.

With the crowd’s anticipation building, the lights came on and the band found their groove on song after song following the star effortlessly as if they had played together for years. With longtime friend and Grammy Winner Jim Gaines behind the soundboard, what comes through in both sight and sound is an incredible journey into the live performance world and artistry of one of today’s most seasoned blues musicians.

Sure to be a favorite among his fans both new and old, “Live at the ‘62 Center” captures Cummings’ unbounded joy for his craft performed in his very own hometown.

As he finishes out 2017 with tour dates on both coasts from CA to NY, CT and NJ be sure to keep an eye out for his upcoming LIVE release CD/DVD and Blu-ray “Albert Cummings Live at the ’62 Center” OUT TUESDAY, DECEMBER 5TH on iTunes and!

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Singer/Songwriter Sammy Rae Murciano Releases “The Story” EP

Singer/Songwriter Sammi Rae Murciano

Releases “The Story” EP

November, 2017 (Amityville, NY) – Having recently performed her song “Reflection” at the Long Island Coalition Against Bullying’s 2nd Annual Fall Gala last month, Sammi Rae Murciano is ready to release her brand new EP “The Story” on Friday, November 10th via iTunes and Spotify!

The three song EP “The Story” will include “Reflection” – an empowerment track that looks back at Murciano’s own experiences with being bullied; “Back to Me” – about wanting to move forward and finding the strength to trust and love again, and “Never Letting Go” – a track she says she wants “to inspire others” continuing “no one should let anyone stop them from doing what they love”. The final track also sums up the feelings that connect through the whole EP in a sense, one of the lyrics being “Take the risk or the chance to lose it all, let the burning desire go” which she expresses as “meaning you should always take a chance on anything that sets your soul on fire”.

A Long Island native, Sammi Rae has been singing for three years, and garnering a ton of praise from audiences nationwide. As a recent review by Digital Journal stated – “Her breathy vocals are expressive, and reminiscent of a young Demi Lovato”, and for Murciano, singing is her passion.

Inspired by a wide range of talents before her, she has cited her major influences as everyone from Whitney Houston to Celine Dion, Beyonce, Rihanna, Adele, and many more. Her strong and soulful voice is well beyond her years at the young age of 16, and knowing that you have to believe in yourself and have confidence to be successful has been her continued mantra, especially showcased through her most recent single “Reflection

On her early beginnings as a singer, she’s said of her musical awakening in school “I always loved to sing. I was in chorus, and had a solo. Being  in front of everyone performing, was an amazing feeling. I knew this was what I wanted to do for the rest of my life,” continuing “I would love to tour all over the world, and my dream is to perform at Madison Square Garden.” And with her continued drive and incredible voice, she certainly seems to be on the right path.

With an incredible sense of motivation for following her true calling, Murciano has said she owes it to “Knowing that I get to get up everyday, and do what I love, which is singing”, and with that amount of drive, there will certainly be more to come.

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I’m back!

Not that I ever exactly left…let’s just say it’s been an extended hiatus.

So as many of you know I got engaged last Thanksgiving. Then all of a sudden came May and I took on the feat of…..going back to school. Yep I went back to get my Paralegal degree. It’s been a rough 6 months so far but so far so good and I will be graduating the end of next year.

Many things have happened in this 6 months aside from having almost zero life aside from work and school but I allowed myself to have a little fun. I was lead judge at CMG NY Fashion Week and was invited to Paris Fashion Week next October! My fiancé and I also went on our little long weekend cruise to the Bahamas and we also enjoyed a weekend doing my 40th birthday shoot with World Fashion Media News and visiting my soon to be step daughter in college.

Two weeks I turn 40. Many things and people have made this a bit easier as you can see….thank you Sandy and Gabby ❤️

Yes I did an adult cake smash. We froze our booties off in 20 degree weather in PA and we had a blast doing it!

With this I have also been attempting to lose weight and proud to say I’m down just about 8lbs following Weight Watchers. I really need to get out for walks more often.

We have so many things coming up in December and after the new year! We just posted about Ali B singer songwriter whom we are hoping to get an interview and photo shoot with, another shoot with two models one of which is a very good friend of mine Michael Chacon and after the new year I will be once again judging NYC CMG Fashion Week.

For all the latest info keep checking back here for updates on shows, interviews and my random ramblings I am known for 😘

Wishing all of my readers a wonderful Thanksgiving and holiday season!




Ali B

Releases New Video

“Strangers In Love”

With Her Newest Video Out Now, She’ll Also Be Performing LIVE at Revolution Music Hall THIS SUNDAY, 11/12

November, 2017 (Long Island, NY) – With her latest single “Strangers In Love” garnering comparisons to some of the hottest EDM and vocal collaboration tracks today, Singer/Songwriter Alison Berke a.k.a. “Ali B”’s latest video for the single was recently released, just in time for her upcoming performance at Revolution Music Hall (140 Merrick Road, Amityville, NY 11701) this Sunday, November 12th!

WATCH: Ali B “Strangers In Love” Official Music Video

The video, which sees the pop singer strolling along the beautiful beaches, boardwalk, and through the town of Long Beach, NY, brings a powerful visual element to the songs lyrics as she continuously passes a mysterious stranger in hopes that their connection is more than just deja vu. From the subtle instrumental tones and vocal layering that truly bring out her undoubtedly stellar range as well as songwriting ability, “Strangers In Love” is a passionate ballad of longing and devotion.

Alison Berke grew up in the bustling concrete jungle of New York City, known for its thriving music community and inspiring so many young talents of today. Later moving to Long Island, she used that inspiration – turning it towards her love for music and already thriving vocal ability.

Inspired by some of today’s biggest pop music sensations from Selena Gomez to Ariana Grande, she began performing cover songs and later writing her own original music with the help of Klang from MTV’s “Making The Band 4” and Artist / Engineer LaPorte.

Noting some of her favorite experiences on her musical journey thus far, Berke says “Every new experience is my favorite, and all of the steps in this journey mean I’m one step closer to reaching my goals”.

Having already gained so much success on her road to continued music development as an artist, songwriter, and performer – Ali advises other young talents like herself to strive for greatness, saying they should never give up, and adding “nothing is impossible, if you find something you love go out there and give it all you got!”.

With her new video for “Strangers In Love” adding a striking visual the the passionate lyrics, it’s sure to give fans both new and old yet another reason to check out the rising star. And as she gets ready to take the stage this Sunday, November 12th at Revolution Music Hall, Ali B is surely no Stranger when it comes to her commanding performance ability.

To Purchase Ali B’s Newest Single “Strangers In Love” via iTunes, VISIT:

LISTEN: Ali B “Strangers In Love” via Spotify

WATCH: Ali B “Kiss Me Goodbye” Official Music Video

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Ali B’s YouTube Channel

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Earth Weekend

Wait…isn’t it Earth Day?

Well being Saturday out here on the island was such a craptastic weather day and there wasn’t much we could do…we moved it to Sunday in our family…though everyday should be “Earth Day” we did some stuff in the yard that we’ve been wanting to do but just didn’t have great weather to do so.

So what did we do?

We built a small raised garden! And like I had mentioned in my last post, my fiancé built the garden quicker than it took me to get ready to Home Depot, apparently he found this hilarious…

Anyhow we ran to Home Depot and grabbed a bunch of vegetable plants and some small flowers to bring some color to it.

My girl got down in the dirt with me and we planted the veggies and the flowers then put up the little fencing around it to attempt to deter small animals and we were done.

All it took was some scrap wood we had from broken down pallets in the shed, about 4 bags of top soil, some peat moss and a bag of miracle grow potting soil just to give it that extra bump to get some nice looking plants!

We planted two different tomato plants, two cucumber plants, some peppers and some eggplants and red onion. We will be making a lot ofcaprese salads I guess this summer because I make fresh mozzarella at home and we already have a big basil plant blooming in the kitchen window.

We also planted a small herb garden in a cute little bucket container which came with thyme, rosemary and cilantro so I’m pretty sure we are good on the herb plants. We also have garlic and scallions and squash growing as well.

Our goal is to try to grow the most eaten veggies on our own so that makes less trips to the supermarket and less pollution from running the cars as much for each little trip.

Check out some of our photos below. Then my step daughter decided it was def warm enough to run through the sprinkler and at one point took our Pomeranian Daisy with her (Daisy wasn’t thrilled about this at all 🤣)

What did you do for Earth Day?



Mrs Meyers Honeysuckle Body Wash Review

Morning everyone!!!

So over the weekend I received my sample of Mrs Meyers Honeysuckle Body Wash from Crowdtap to sample and give my review and report.

This weekend my fiancé built us a raised garden so we could plant some of our favorite vegetables and some pretty flowers to bring the yard to life. Funny enough as soon as he finished building it he came in and told me that he had just built a raised garden quicker than I can get ready to go to Home Depot for the soil and plants 🤣🤣🤣 yes I thought this was extremely comical but sorry I don’t leave my house in pajama pants 🤣.

So we went to Home Depot got some veggie plants and even a lemon tree along with the top soil and nutrients. We got home and my step daughter and I got to work on making this garden come to life. So it was a pretty exhausting day.

Here’s our creation!

Baby steps….by summer I’m gonna have this yard looking like a million bucks.

So anyway I had my girl smell the Mrs Meyers body wash and she loved it!

I woke up this morning to get ready for work and decided to try the new Body wash. The scent was perfectly light and sweet and gave a very nice lather. It also didn’t clog up my drain like some soaps tend to do (I make lots of suds haha)

This body wash also did not leave my skin dry like some soaps and left it soft and hydrated. I was surprised Saturday to receive it in the mail thinking I’d only get a small sample size but nope they gave me a full size product!!! 

I’ve never used any of their products before but I am giving this product five stars for its light scent and leaving my body hydrated!

Thanks Mrs Meyers and Crowdtap for this amazing product you sent me for free in exchange for my review!!!



CMG Fashion Show NYC

Hey fashionistas!

This coming September (hush hush) I will be once again judging the CMG Fashion Show in NYC on September 2, 2017. It truly is an honor to work with some of the best designers around!

Here’s a sneak peek on the info on how to buy tickets to the show etc! 

CMG New York City Fashion Week, September 2, 2017! MODELS APPLY at
DESIGNERS APPLY at and secure your desired showcase package in advance!

Designer package #1

Designer package #2

Designer package #3
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Clinique Moisture Surge Intense Gel

What’s up!

So recently in another post I had told all of you that I had ordered some Clinique makeup from Macy’s and that it had come with a sweet little makeup bag with some travel sized products!

Inside this bag I came to find out was a little miracle gel in a jar….no joke when I say miracle I mean straight up miracle!

For a decent few month or so period I had bad breakouts. Now mind you even when I was a teenager…I NEVER had breakouts anywhere close to this. I tried everything from scrubs, gentle cleansers, acne face wash, until I went to my dermatologist who tried putting me on antibiotics for 6 weeks…I lasted a week….nope not having it.

I tried a cold pressed organic aloe which actually cleared it up really well. Then I had the issue of redness and dryness. I’ve tried almost every product out there. It all worked for a bit then stopped.

So I went back to my trusted Burts Bees facial cleansing wipes and as of last night decided to try this Clinique Moisture Surge. 

I applied it last night, this morning, and again a little while ago. A little of this product goes a very long way! I even wore foundation for the first time in months today and I noticed such a difference in my skin and the softness. It looked normal again!

So to Clinique I thank you so much for making a product that finally made my skin look AND feel amazing. This will be my new staple in my skin care regimen! You made a fan out of this girl for good! If you have very dry skin…take a ride to your local Macy’s and stop at the Clinique counter to do a quick sample of this product-your skin will thank you!



Silk Cashew Vanilla Nutmilk with Protein review

Hey everyone!

So recently I was sent a coupon for a free half gallon of Silk Cashew Vanilla flavored nutmilk with protein! 

Three of us in my family have taste tested it so far! If you’ve never had Silk before you should absolutely try this. 

I drink almond milk because I’m lactose intolerant. This helps me get my protein in because lately I’ve also been eating more vegetarian food than meat every day.

First my soon to be father in law tasted it and if he likes it….all of you will like it! He isn’t really into healthy food and he thought it was great!

Next my fiancé tasted it and said it was delicious especially cause he loves Vanilla everything. He’s another one that’s totally into sweets but atleast he eats healthy. He’s actually having another glass tonight with his chocolate peanut butter cupcakes 🤣

Then I tried it….yes I drink everything in a wine glass to make it fun…this is a judge free zone folks lol. I enjoyed it also though I am more of a fan of the dark chocolate almond milk not much of a Vanilla person but it was better than any other vanilla almond milks I have tried.

So all in all this was a “thumbs up” to Silk and to Crowdtap for allowing me to test out this milk for free in exchange for my review. Fingers crossed my family will start drinking this instead of regular milk….getting healthier one glass at a time!



Sephora Free Deluxe Mini!

Hey everyone

From time to time I’ll pop on here quickly and post a deal that I think is excellent!

I was chatting with a coworker today about Sephora so I decided to pop onto the site and see if they had any fun specials and as always I always always search for coupon codes!

They have sample sets of perfumes and lip color sets. Mini perfumes were $25 I believe and lip set was $32 (I might have that backwards). PLUS you get your normal 3 samples! Note: with the perfume samples it comes with a certificate to come into the store for a free rollerball perfume of your choice! Pretty bad ass!

Now here’s the best part ….I have two coupon codes that will get you a deluxe mini of your choice out of 4 or 5 products…..orrrr you can get a deluxe mini of Urban Decays Afterglow 8 hour powder shine! KEY IS ITS WITH A $25 purchase or more.

Urban Decay code- GLOWON


Deluxe Mini- DISCOVERY
Happy Shopping!